5-Alarm Energy Shots*Review*

I'm an energy drink fan, I think many these days are. 5-Alarm Energy shots offer intense flavors, for intense lifestyles. The SCBA themed bottle label and crazy flavors set them apart from the other brands. They even give back to Sons of the Flag Foundation!

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MN8 FoxFire Gear Review

MN8 Foxfire, a company For Firefighters and By Firefighters, that is Illuminating the way to be seen on the fire ground. Check out a review of some of their illuminating products.

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Gear Review! Lion Commander Structural Glove

I am so excited to be doing this FIRST Gear Review for the Lion Commander Structural Fire Fighting Glove! Five days ago I posted a Tweet tagging some Fire Service Industry leaders in manufacturing of gear, tools, PPE and Apparel. Within 5 minutes of the Twitter post, Lion Apparel Tweeted back that they were IN, to be the FIRST Company to have a Gear Review done by the RidingBackwardsFF blog!

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