I’ve been asked a few times who I Am.  My name is Zac Miller. I am a husband, father to two kids, and a firefighter.

About me
I am 24 years old. I was raised here in Mansfield, OH. I have been raised to work hard all the time. My parents own 2 pizza shops here in town, they have been the owners/operators for 20 years! I was raised to work hard and work hard for everything I have. I see being raised this way as a blessing because I see many others in my generation who weren’t this lucky. I started with a paper route and mowing lawns in the summer and Snowplowing/shoveling sidewalks in the winter. I started working with my brother-in-law when I was 12 years old. He and my father are where I learned my work ethic. They both own their own businesses and work very hard all the time. I have done construction/remodeling with my Brother-in-law off and on since I was 12. After HS I decided to try college and made it threw one quarter of a year studying Construction Management. This is when I decided college wasn’t for me and felt I needed something more. Once I left college, I decided to become a FF/EMT. This was one of the best decisions of my life! I started with my Basic EMT at the end of 2008. While in class I tried to get on a fire dept. I was finally hired at my current department, Washington Twp Fire Department in May of 2009. I was promoted to the rank of Lieutenant this year. I am learning it’s not always easy, but will continue to give all in effort with this new position. I am also a member of the Madison Twp Fire Department where I am currently part-time but unable to work much due to my full time job and budget issues. I am currently trying my hardest to get a full time position at Madison and multiple other departments in the area. I will continue to write about his journey when the time comes.

About my family
I have been married 2 years to my amazing wife and nurse, Shelby. Together we have two beautiful kids. Ben is almost 2 and Lucy is almost 6 months! Yes, they are 15 months apart! This is a blast but Also a lot of work! I wouldn’t change anything in my family life!

About RidingBackwardsFF
I started this blog mainly to make myself learn more. Being involved in Fire Service Social Media has been a huge help in my training. There is so much info being shared on social media! I think this is awesome and wanted to be a part of it! After finding people to follow on twitter and reading blogs such as Views from the jumpseat, The Fire Critic, and IronFiremen, I decided to try my own. It hasn’t been easy but I think it’s going well. You gotta start somewhere. I named the blog after, in my eyes, the best spot to ride on the engine. The name, RidingBackwardsFF, also kind of means something in the training side of it. To me, it’s okay to be a Backwards FF from the norm. Being in the fire service, you can get stuck in a rut. Not wanting to train or just doing the norm of showing up, working, and going home. I wanted to get out of the rut before I got too deep. I want to make a difference in my department and to the fire service. I want to make a difference for my community. So the name can mean whatever you want it to. For me, I’m gonna keep being Backwards and try and make a difference. There is tons of support on Social Media. There are also members who are stuck in ruts too and I wanna show them trainings can be made fun and learning experiences.

I’m urging everyone that wants to, to be a Backwards FF. Sometimes this means ignoring the norm and going out on your own. I also think in doing this you can help others get out of the rut. Let’s be the best we can be. For us, for our Brother’s and Sister’s, and for the communities we vow to serve. I wanna know I am doing everything I can to go home to the family I love.

That’s a bit about me! Any questions, ask them and I’ll do my best to answer them. Let’s change the status quo. Who’s in!?

Stay Backwards!