Change can be a good thing

The last couple months have been very busy! I started this blog to keep myself motivated to train and become better for my family and my community. I was thrilled when the First Arriving Network contacted me and wanted me to join a network of Brothers and Sisters that get it. I was already following most of the others on First Arriving Network and was excited to be a part of the biggest fire service media network around! Shortly after Β getting live on the network, I decided to change jobs. On my journey to become a career firefighter, I decided to take a job as a 911 Dispatcher for our county. This was a huge decision for my family. I’ve always had jobs that were construction based and I was usually working outside in all weather conditions. This was a big change for me going to an inside job and not being outside at all for the 12 hours at work. That leads me to the next change, 12 hour shifts! I was assigned to one of the night shift crews. Anyone who has never worked at night, has no clue how it can effect someone. The switch from days to nights is not easy. It not only effects your sleep schedule, but also your eating habits and sleeping on days off. I’m not complaining, but it is a definite life style change! I’m thankful my wife knows the struggle it is getting used to this and we still think it was a good move! Taking a different job that is 12 hour shifts is going to allow me to work part time at the Fire Dept which I’m very happy about. I enjoy being at the fire house and it’ll give me more time to train and get back in shape. The journey to become a career firefighter is going to be another post. But I wanted to update everyone on why I haven’t been writing. I didn’t give up, just adjusting to a life change! Change can be a good thing! I’ve had to learn and accept this over the past 5 years. It’s okay to do what’s best for you and your family.