MN8 FoxFire Gear Review

I’m doing this gear review a little different from the others. My other two reviews, I sent out a tweet asking for gear to review. With this review, I am using products that I feel are a huge advancement for the Fire Service.

Foxfire® products utilize advanced photoluminescent technology. This technology allows for them to add it to  different materials to achieve the glow/light emitting illumination.

Foxfire® ‘s main goal is to improve on three things that firefighters risk most: disorientation, visibility, and accountability. The products are designed to be charged by any light source, natural or artificial.

The MN8 FoxFire company is a firefighter owned and operated company based near Cincinnati, Ohio. The Illuminating Genius, Zachary Green, is a firefighter with a Cincinnati area fire department. He envisioned the photoluminescent technology being a huge benefit to the Fire Service. He started with making  the well known Helmet Band, shown here on my personal helmet showing what the product does in different environments.



Zach started selling these helmet bands out of the trunk of his car! After seeing a great response to the product and answering many questions while being on the fire ground, His next stop was FDIC. Lets just say, the company blew up from that point on.

As you can see from the helmet pic, I have both the helmet band and helmet tetrahedrons in place. The amount of light given off is Crazy. The products really do increase your being visible to the members of your crew. The products also Increase the accountability of your tools in addition to adding to the accountability of you and your crew. Take a minute and check out the videos on their website showing the benefits of the products. MN8 FoxFire (link to website with videos).

The next product I currently have in service was released this year at FDIC. It’s the FoxFire  Flashlight cuff. These cuff will fit Streamlight brand right angle flashlights and may fit other brands as well.


I see this product as an extra. The benefit of this product is that if the battery of your flashlight stops working, the cuff can be used as a light source. The other added benefit is having one more thing illuminating to increase visibility to your crew. I also feel that having different points illuminating on your gear can help in the case of a downed firefighter situation, where you may be laying on one side and having multiple illuminating products might increase your chances of being located faster. The video in the link given above shows a downed firefighter scenario, and you can see the difference because of the products being worn by the downed firefighter!!

image (3)The next product is illuminating adhesive tape. So far, I haven’t found anything this tape won’t stick to! I currently have it on my radio strap holster(they also have radio straps and holsters with the technology made by Box Alarm Leather), my radio itself as shown in the picture, and even on the back of my iPhone Otterbox! This tape or the expoxy paint can also be applied to ladder tips to increase  Visibility of egress points! I’m going to keep putting this tape on equipment and see what it can really do!

image (2)

The last Product I will go over in this post is the SCBA Mask Identifier labels. These are also a NEWer product! How many times have you got back to the station after a job and while cleaning gear, there is almost always that one member who doesn’t have their Mask marked and you go through trying to figure out who’s it is!? This product will not only help increase accountability on the fire ground but in station too! How many times have you been working at a job and have no idea who you are working next to? Where is the only other identifying label on our gear!? That’s right, on our BACKS! How about in a downed firefighter scenario or multiple downed firefighters, to be able to identify who is being rescued and who still needs to be accounted for!? These SCBA Mask Identifiers help solve those issues! These Identifiers are “made” for Scott brand or MSA brand SCBA masks, but will accommodate other brands as well. FoxFire makes these custom for each order and the lettering comes in 6 different colors. All of the Labels Illuminate in the original Green color.  These labels currently adhere to the outside of the mask and I have not had any problems with it interfering with my field of vision. These labels are made to withstand high temps and clean easily when cleaning your mask. These identifiers were also tested by a third party. I have also heard of different departments designating colors to the different companies that they operate with(example:truck company-red, engine-blue) The lettering is also reflective!

image (1)


All in all I LOVE these products and will continue to buy them. I also decided to be a “Boots on the Street” member for them, which the info for this program is on their website under “join our team”. The FoxFire team is more than happy to answer any questions you might have! If you have any questions about the products shown in this post you can contact me, and if I don’t know the answer I will find out! Check out the MN8 FoxFire Website to see all of their products! Help support a great Fire Service company, that has the best interest of firefighters and those we serve in mind!

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review and will check out MN8 FoxFire. Increase Visibility, Increase Accountability and Decrease Disorientation!

Stay Backwards!