Surviving the Fire Service-A few points to remember

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Surviving the Fire Service-a fire service adaptation of Rumsfield’s Rules

Attached is a few short points for us all to remember. Let’s start at the beginning of our fire service journey:

  1. 1) An honest self assessment: We must ask ourselves-Is it the right job for us?

    We shouldn’t accept the job or stay in unless we have an understanding that this job requires humility, courage, and self-sacrifice.

    Always under promise and over deliver. We will always be expected to give more than we think we are capable of.

  2. Servant hood: The role of a firefighter is one of service. The public trusts that on their worst day we will be at our best. Strive to maintain that trust by staying disciplined.
  3. The power of failure: When we make mistakes, learn from them, and let our failures build character and experience. It takes a lot of “Atta Boy’s!” to…

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